sand·wich en·vy

/sanˌ(d)wiCH ˈenvē/

Sandwich envy occurs when one person has access to a delicious sandwich, and his/her friend(s) do(es) not. Symptoms of sandwich envy include hunger, jealousy, and apparent staring at the person with a sandwich. Thirst sometimes accompanies hunger, but this phenomenon is a rarity. Similar conditions exist with other tasty foods. Person A is eating a sandwich during summer school break, while A’s friends are watching. These friends suddenly feel hungry and are jealous of the sandwich-eater. They are encountering sandwich envy. (Urban Dictionary)

The owner of Sandwich Envy, himself a fan of a “real sandwich,” saw the definition of sandwich envy while perusing the Urban Dictionary. This whimsical definition really hit home for him — he envisioned fresh hot sandwiches that would cause envy amongst his friends. He also imagined creating them and he knew how. So using this definition for his vision, he was inspired to open Sandwich Envy in Buffalo.

Sandwich Envy creates sandwiches made with prime ingredients…in abundance. The meats and vegetables are breaded, grilled and baked to perfection, and honestly, they dwarf their rolls. Seriously, those rolls hold enough meat and veggies to make two sandwiches! And Sandwich Envy uses the best rolls Western New York has to offer, made at the famous Costanzo’s bakery. Together, it’s the perfect combination and our sandwiches are made and envied. And if you need a beverage, we have those too.